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We proudly provide excellent mobile bar services for weddings with one of our most popular CASH BAR HIRE. This means that your guests can purchase their drinks the same as they would purchase in a pub. Weddings are joyous occasions to celebrate love, and what better way to elevate the festivities than with a cash bar?  From signature cocktails to craft beers, a Cash Bar adds a touch of sophistication and excitement to your wedding celebration!

Do you have a wedding budget? 

Our wedding cash bar service, we understand that every couple has different financial constraints.

When it comes to planning a wedding, setting a budget is crucial. It helps you prioritise where to allocate your funds and ensures that you don’t overspend. With our Wedding Cash Bar services, we cater to couples with various budget constraints. Whether you have a tight budget or more flexibility, we have options available for everyone.

What Is a Cash Bar?

Having a cash bar at your wedding or event is a way to control costs and shift the responsibility of paying for drinks onto the guests. This can be a more affordable option for hosting an event, as it alleviates some of the financial burden on the host. Guests are typically able to purchase their drinks with cash or credit cards at the bar throughout the event.

While having a cash bar may save you money as the host, it’s important to consider how this may impact your guests’ experience. Some guests may feel uncomfortable having to pay for their own drinks at an event they were invited to celebrate, while others may not mind at all. As hosts, it’s essential to communicate clearly with your guests about what is expected regarding payment for drinks so that there are no surprises or misunderstandings on the day of the event. Ultimately, whether to have a cash bar or not is a personal decision that should be made based on considerations like budget, guest preferences, and overall event goals.

Our bars at weddings provides complimentary drinks, alcoholic drinks, signature cocktails, soft drinks, a limited selection of beers, and over all premium drinks ! 

Advantages of Having a Cash Bar at Weddings

Having a cash bar at weddings can be a cost-effective option for couples looking to save money on their big day. By not having to pay for the expense of stocking a full bar with alcohol, couples can allocate those funds towards other aspects of their wedding, such as entertainment or décor. This can help couples stay within their budget while still providing their guests with the opportunity to enjoy drinks if they choose.

Another benefit of opting for a cash bar is that it allows couples who may not drink or want to serve alcohol at their wedding to stick to their values. It gives guests the option to purchase drinks on their own without feeling obligated by an open bar tab. Additionally, by offering a cash bar, couples can focus on creating memorable experiences for their guests in other ways, such as personalized touches or unique entertainment options. Ultimately, while having a cash bar may not be suitable for every couple, it can certainly be a practical and cost-saving choice for those looking to prioritize other elements of their special day.

The downsides of having a cash bar at weddings.

Having a cash bar at a wedding can create an uncomfortable and unwelcoming atmosphere for guests. When attending a wedding, guests expect to be taken care of and treated as valued attendees. However, having to pay for their own drinks goes against the idea of hospitality and can make guests feel as though they are being asked to foot the bill for their own experience. This can lead to feelings of resentment or disappointment among attendees, which is not the kind of energy you want at such a special celebration.

In addition to creating a negative guest experience, cash bars can also disrupt the flow of the event. With bartenders having to handle payments and run credit cards, there is likely to be long lines and delays in service. This can take away from the enjoyment of the evening and prevent guests from fully engaging in the festivities. Ultimately, opting for a cash bar at a wedding may save money in the short term, but it could come at the cost of creating a less enjoyable and memorable experience for both the couple and their guests.

Advice and Guidelines for Cash Bars at Weddings

When it comes to deciding whether to have a cash bar or no bar at a wedding, it is generally advised to opt for the cash bar option. Providing some form of alcoholic beverages for guests can help keep the atmosphere lively and encourage people to stay longer. Without any drinks available, guests may become bored or restless and ultimately leave the celebration early. While it is understandable that not everyone can afford an open bar, having a cash bar allows guests who wish to drink to do so while also allowing the couple to save on costs.

If you do choose to have a cash bar at your wedding, there are some important tips and etiquette guidelines to keep in mind. Make sure to clearly communicate to your guests ahead of time that it will be a cash bar so they can plan accordingly. Additionally, consider offering a variety of drink options at different price points to accommodate all budgets. It’s also a good idea to ensure there are non-alcoholic beverage options available for those who do not drink alcohol. By being transparent about the cash bar and providing options for all guests, you can ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and memorable experience at your wedding.

Inform your guests prior to the wedding.

It is important to clearly communicate the cash bar details on your wedding invitation suite and website. Additionally, consider reminding guests through hotel welcome bags and door tags, as well as having wedding party members remind guests to bring cash or stop at an ATM before using transportation services.

Please aim for clarity and simplicity in your writing. Thank you.

Get ready for a fabulous dinner at our place! Just a heads up, we won’t be able to provide alcohol, so make sure to bring some extra cash or your credit card for any drinks you might want to indulge in.

Get ready to party all night long with our amazing selection of drinks at the bar! Just make sure to bring your credit card or cash to enjoy all the fun.

Regrettably, we’re unable to accommodate the bar, but fear not, they’ll happily take your payment in cash or card.

Ensure that your venue and vendors are equipped to handle a cash bar.

When considering having a cash bar at your event, it is important to ensure that your chosen venue is equipped to handle the logistics of running one. Venues that are already set up with in-house electronic sales systems and processes for handling multiple customer transactions, such as restaurants and country clubs, are ideal for hosting a cash bar. These venues have the infrastructure in place to efficiently process payments, handle crowds, and keep track of inventory. Additionally, staff at these venues are likely familiar with running a cash bar and can provide professional and efficient service to guests.

On the other hand, coordinating a cash bar becomes much more difficult when working with an off-premises caterer. Off-premises caterers may not have the necessary equipment or expertise to smoothly run a cash bar. They may struggle with managing multiple transactions at once or ensuring that payment processing is secure. Guests may also experience longer wait times due to lack of proper organization and setup. If you plan on having a cash bar at your event and are working with an off-premises caterer, it is important to discuss this ahead of time and make sure they have a solid plan in place to support the operation of the cash bar effectively.

Thank your guests for making our special day even more memorable with your presence!

I just wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to all of our guests for celebrating such a special day with us. Your presence meant the world to us, and we are truly grateful for the love and support you have shown us. We understand that there may have been some unique choices made, such as having a cash bar at our wedding, but we sincerely appreciate your understanding and respect for our decisions. Your willingness to celebrate with us regardless of these choices means more than words can express.

At the end of the day, what matters most is the love that my partner and I share, surrounded by our closest family and friends. We wanted to ensure that everyone had a fantastic time at our wedding celebration, and your presence only added to the joy and happiness of the day. Thank you for being a part of our special day and creating memories that we will cherish forever. Here’s to love, laughter, and creating new memories together! Cheers to all of our amazing guests who made our wedding day truly unforgettable.

Providing options for your Wedding Cash BAR

When hosting an event with a cash bar, it’s important to consider the preferences and needs of all your guests. Some individuals might not be thrilled about having to pay for their drinks, so offering alternatives can help make everyone feel more included and satisfied. Providing a coffee station, dessert bar, or even a signature non-alcoholic mocktail station can add a special touch to the event and give non-drinkers or those on a budget something delightful to enjoy. By collaborating with the food catering company to have prosecco and wines supplied on the tables, you can ensure that guests have access to complimentary beverages without feeling pressured to purchase drinks at the bar.

It’s crucial to note that while offering these alternatives can enhance the guest experience, it might impact the agreement you have with the bar company regarding the cash bar service. Increasing the minimum spend for the cash bar or negotiating different terms with the bar company could be necessary if you decide to provide complimentary drinks at tables. However, by working closely with both the catering and bar companies, you can strike a balance that benefits your guests while also meeting contractual obligations. Ultimately, offering alternatives shows thoughtfulness towards your guests’ preferences and ensures that everyone has a memorable and enjoyable time at your event.


wedding bar service & cASH baR wEDDING

A signature drink is a unique and personalised cocktail that is served at a wedding reception. It is often chosen by the newlyweds to reflect their personalities, tastes, and the theme of their special day.

Having a signature drink at a wedding reception adds an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to the event. It allows guests to enjoy a custom-made beverage that has been specially crafted for the occasion.

When planning a wedding reception, choosing a signature drink can be a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to the event. This unique cocktail can be customised to reflect the theme of the wedding, the couple’s favourite flavours, or even their love story.

By selecting a signature drink for your wedding reception, you are not only providing guests with a special beverage option but also creating a memorable experience that they will remember long after the event is over. It can be a conversation starter and a way for guests to feel more connected to the couple and their love story.

Our wedding bar service offers the option to create a signature drink for your special day. Our experienced bartenders can work with you to craft a unique cocktail that reflects your personalities and preferences. Whether you prefer a classic cocktail or something more unique and adventurous, we can help bring your vision to life. Contact us today to learn more about our signature drink options and how we can make your wedding reception one to remember.


A wedding cash bar service is a popular option for couples who want to provide convenience and variety for their guests while also relieving themselves of the responsibility of providing unlimited beverages. With a cash bar, guests can purchase their own drinks throughout the reception, ensuring that they can enjoy their preferred beverages.

When considering a wedding cash bar service, there are a few factors to keep in mind. First, it’s important to consider the size of your guest list and the duration of the reception. You want to ensure that there will be enough staff and inventory available to handle the demand.

One of the benefits of hiring a cash bar service is that it allows for a wide range of beverage options. Guests can choose from alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, ensuring that everyone’s preferences are catered to. This takes away the pressure of trying to please everyone with limited drink options.

Cost is often a concern for couples considering a cash bar service. However, many providers offer flexible packages that can be tailored to fit within your budget. Some options include prepaid drink tokens or wristbands.

Another advantage of a cash bar service is that it eliminates any concerns about underage drinking or excessive alcohol consumption. The bartenders are trained professionals who can monitor guests’ behavior and ensure responsible drinking.

Overall, hiring a cash bar service for your wedding reception can be a stress-free solution that allows your guests to enjoy their preferred drinks while giving you the convenience of not having to manage all aspects of beverage provision at your wedding.

Cash Bar for vip events

A cash bar at VIP events is a common occurrence and can be a great option for event organisers looking to offer guests a wide selection of beverages while also keeping costs down. This type of bar setup allows guests to purchase their own drinks, which can help offset some of the expenses associated with hosting a high-end event.

One of the main benefits of having a cash bar at a VIP event is that it allows guests to choose their preferred drinks without any limitations. This can enhance the overall experience for attendees, as they can enjoy their favourite cocktails, wines, or other beverages throughout the event. Additionally, a cash bar can also help control costs for the event organiser, as they do not have to cover the full expense of providing an open bar.

When hosting a VIP event with a cash bar, it’s important to clearly communicate the bar setup to guests in advance. This can be done through event invitations, signage at the event, or announcements made by staff. Guests should be informed that they will need to purchase their own drinks and what payment methods are accepted at the bar.

It’s also important to ensure that there is a wide selection of beverages available at the cash bar to cater to all guests’ preferences . This can include a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, as well as specialty cocktails or premium wines for those looking for something extra special.

Overall, a cash bar at a VIP event can be a great way to give guests the freedom to choose their own drinks while also helping to manage costs for the event organiser. By providing clear communication and offering a wide selection of beverages, guests are sure to have a memorable and enjoyable experience at the event. Whether it’s a wedding reception, corporate gala, or a private celebration, a cash bar can be a practical and convenient option for VIP events.

Wedding Gift:

Choosing the perfect wedding gift can be a daunting task. Many couples create a registry to make it easier for guests to select something they truly want or need. However, some guests prefer to give a more personal or unique gift that may not be on the registry.

One popular trend in wedding gifts is to give an experience, such as a cooking class, wine tasting, or tickets to a show or concert. These types of gifts can create lasting memories for the couple and are often more meaningful than a physical item.

Another option for a wedding gift is to give a charitable donation in the couple’s name. Many couples appreciate the opportunity to give back to their community or support causes that are important to them. This can be a thoughtful and meaningful way to celebrate the couple’s love and commitment on their special day.

No matter what type of wedding gift you choose, the most important thing is to consider the couple’s preferences and personalities. Whether it’s a traditional gift from their registry or a more unique experience, the key is to show your love and support for the newlyweds as they start this new chapter in their lives.

drink for drivers - CASH Bars

Drinking before a meal can enhance the dining experience by stimulating the appetite and preparing the taste buds for the flavors to come. While some may choose to enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine before their meal, others may opt for non-alcoholic options such as water, soda, or juice.

When hosting a dinner party or gathering, it is important to consider offering a drink per guest before the meal.

Having a drink before a meal can set the tone for the dining experience, whether it’s a special occasion like a wedding reception or a casual dinner party. It allows guests to relax and socialize, creating a welcoming atmosphere for the meal to come. Drink for drivers can also help guests feel more comfortable and engaged with the event, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

For those who may be driving to the event or choosing not to consume alcohol, offering non-alcoholic drink options is essential. This ensures that all guests have something refreshing and delicious to enjoy before the meal begins. Some popular non-alcoholic options include mocktails, fruit-infused water, and specialty sodas.

 Providing a drink per guest before the meal ensures that everyone has something to sip on while they mingle and wait for dinner to be served. 

Having a drink before a meal can be a common practice for many people, as it can help stimulate the appetite and enhance the overall dining experience. Whether it’s a glass of wine, a cocktail, or simply a refreshing glass of water, choosing the right drink to enjoy before your meal can set the tone for the rest of the dining experience. 


Wedding Budget

When hosting a dinner party or gathering, it’s important to consider offering a drink option for each guest, including non-alcoholic options for designated drivers or guests who prefer not to drink alcohol. This ensures that everyone feels included and has a beverage that they can enjoy throughout the evening.

It’s also important to be mindful of guests who may be driving home after the event. Providing non-alcoholic drink options and encouraging guests to drink responsibly can help ensure that everyone stays safe and has a good time. Consider offering mocktails, sparkling water, or other non-alcoholic beverages to cater to all guests’ preferences.

Overall, when planning a wedding reception or any event where drinks will be served, it’s important to consider the preferences and needs of all guests. Whether you’re selecting a signature drink, choosing a wedding gift, or offering pre-meal drinks, ensuring that

Before a meal, it is common to offer guests a drink as a way to welcome them and set the tone for the evening. Whether it’s a glass of wine, a cocktail, or a non-alcoholic option, having a drink before sitting down to eat can enhance the dining experience.

When hosting a dinner party or gathering, it is important to consider how many drinks to provide per guest. It ‘s a good idea to have a variety of drink options available, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, to cater to all guests’ preferences.

For guests who will be driving home after the event, it’s important to provide alternative drink options, such as mocktails or sparkling water, so they can still enjoy a special beverage without consuming alcohol. It’s also a good idea to have a designated driver or offer transportation options to ensure guests get home safely.

Having a bar available during dinner can add an extra touch of elegance to the event. Guests can enjoy their meal with a glass of wine or a signature cocktail, enhancing the overall dining experience. Consider having a mobile cocktail bar that can move around the venue, allowing guests to easily access their drink of choice.

In conclusion, when planning a wedding reception or any special event, it’s important to consider the drink options available to guests. From creating a signature cocktail for the newlyweds to selecting the perfect wedding gift, there are many ways to personalise the bar service and make the event memorable.