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Want A Memorable Rehearsal Dinner? Here’s A List Of Ideas

As per the age-old concept of “practice makes perfect”, a couple shouldn’t leave anything up to chance during their wedding. Precisely why, Americans, unlike British couples, get a few more opportunities to make merry, practice their wedding vows, plan seating arrangements and ensure nothing goes amiss. Lately, some British families are also picking up on […]

Holding a Party? Here’s Why the Experts Should Arrange the Show

If you are celebrating an important event of your life that holds huge value to you, and you want to share the happiness and celebration with your close ones, there is no better way to celebrate it than to call for a party. If you plan to organize a party such that your guests will […]

Learn Cocktail Making with Mario

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Making-cocktails in Brighton and the surrounding area with our superb mobile bar rental service. They have all tried to replicate the flavours that expert mixologists and bartenders can generate with their cocktails, but they mostly fail. Without the knowledge necessary to make delectable Moorish cocktails, mixing various drinks in the hopes that they will synchronise […]