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As per the age-old concept of “practice makes perfect”, a couple shouldn’t leave anything up to chance during their wedding. Precisely why, Americans, unlike British couples, get a few more opportunities to make merry, practice their wedding vows, plan seating arrangements and ensure nothing goes amiss.

Lately, some British families are also picking up on the tradition of hosting wedding showers to aid familiarity among the guests and two families. The rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity to spend quality time knowing each other in a relaxed environment and relieve some pre-wedding stress while waiting for the main event.

Keep reading for a list of ideas to make a memorable rehearsal dinner.

  1. Go as you like!

Themes such as formal, semi-formal or casual can sometimes feel restrictive, and rehearsal dinner isn’t just a practice session; it’s a celebration in its own right! “Go as you like” is a great way to get the friends and family involved who haven’t prepared for and can’t be a part of the formal proceedings on the wedding day itself. It’s the best way to handle the anxiety as the bride and groom approach a big life milestone. 

  1. Start with a familiarising game

A couple can keep their rehearsal dinner small, inviting just their immediate family and close friends. Most guests might be from different corners of the world and strangers to each other.

You can start with an ice-breaking game called “Know your Neighbour”, where the host will ask the guests to be randomly seated and talk to the next person for a minute. After 2 minutes, ask them to change seats and repeat the process.

  1. Serve finger foods with drinks

During a wedding rehearsal dinner, guests like to interact and carry on their discussions while drinking alcohol and munching on some finger foods, which are easy to handle. The best mobile bar hire in Kent gives you an extensive menu with a diverse range of drinks. 

  1. Live music and flair shows

Good music accompanied with a flair show can bring everyone together to celebrate your love ahead of your big day. Specialists use some tricks of the trade to captivate your attention. Their performance can encourage some guests to hire the team for a cocktail-making hen party

The host should warn everyone against too much alcohol. The couple wouldn’t like hungover wedding ceremony guests.

  1. His and Hers pizza bar

If you can’t splurge on an elaborate rehearsal dinner food menu, choose two pizza flavours, bride’s and groom’s. Keep a count of how many guests choose which, and after dinner, the one whose flavour is picked the most wins! The winner gets a lively and personalised toast from everyone. 


For most, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. So you should kick off your celebration with a memorable pre-wedding party that you and your guests won’t just enjoy but remember for a long time!

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