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A rocking party idea is buzzing in your mind! And a buzzing party is a big No No without a bar! After all you call it a party if the drink flows till 4 am with lots of chatter, laughter and music. But most of the time, even such a ravishing party turns out to be a big mess. Do you know why? Well, because you often overlook the most important component of your party — the bar! Either it’s left at the mercy of your guests (self pouring service) or managed by an amateur who goes nuts amidst the party rush. Well, havoc gets created! Result – you get mumbles instead of laughter, broken glasses instead of flowing drinks and complaints in place of happy chatter!

Why couldn’t your party be great without a bartender?

Having double thoughts about hiring a professional bartender for your party? Well, let us convince you otherwise. We are sure you’ll leave the thought of going for other alternatives and hire a cocktail bartender from Cocktails with Mario. After all they are the most reputed, experienced and trained to serve the drinks with a unique style and manage all your guests efficiently. So, are you ready to know why hiring them is necessary? Come, read on!

We know the above reasons are convincing enough. But one prominent reason to grab them is, they even clean the bar counter after the party! Isn’t it great? We know you’d be delighted by this and are ready to finally hire them. Great decision. Do it now!

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