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At times, it could be tricky to hire a cocktail bar in London as you will come across many companies that offer the same service in the UK. Hence, it would be essential to know what would make a good cocktail bar to help you select the right company. Cocktails With Mario offers the following things to the customers.

Why choose Cocktails With Mario?

If you seek a cocktail bar hire in London with different tastes, Cocktails With Mario provides you with cocktails with various fruits. Many companies prefer our cocktail in all types of corporate events. Furthermore, we make cocktails in London regardless of your group’s size. We understand the needs of our guests and provide them with appropriate cocktail-based services. Here are the benefits that you get from us.

  1. Friendly environment – A warm and friendly welcome to the prospective customers makes them feel special. We make an effort to understand the customer requirements by engaging in conversation with them. Cocktails With Mario is a customer-centric organization known for prompt and table service and making them feel important. If the guest is not drinking, we determine their need by asking them about their taste and serving them accordingly. The clean and constantly-monitored toilet would make the guests visit your bar time and again. We not only keep the toilet clean but also monitor them constantly. Our toilet attendants provide them with hot water and hand towels.
  2. Decor – When it comes to décor, it would be essential to consider whether the bars are well-designed or not. Great bars would always have a warm glow without bright bare bulbs. The flooring of the bar should look good outward and need to be robust as it can resist spillages and high heels. Hardwood floors with thick planks are among the most recommended materials for selecting as a flooring surface. Cocktails With Mario provides you with attractive and formidable flooring.
  3. Atmosphere – Everyone would like to have a great atmosphere in a bar, which is the hardest thing to get. The fantastic bars would manage to accomplish the desired atmosphere though people are slightly less. The atmosphere includes lighting, music and entertainment, crowd. A clean atmosphere would not give any room for the pests like cockroaches, houseflies, and fruit flies.
  4. Drinks – The taste of drinks for each guest differs. We provide them with prompt table services with a drink of their choice. However, if the guest orders a cocktail, our mixologists provide high-quality cocktails according to their choice, anywhere in London.  We prepare mobile cocktail bars with different styles that would give us an idea of customized cocktails from your menu.

Also, we conduct cocktail-making classes in London for all people interested in preparing cocktail drinks in a fun and friendly environment, with relevant information.


Cocktails are in great demand for all occasions. Today you will find cocktails with different flavors from corporate events to hen parties for various types of celebrations.

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