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Espresso Martini Ingredients

Espresso Martini Ingredients and more..

It’s SATURDAY 🎉 Who’s becoming lost with their days?! As promised, here at Cocktails With Mario we’ve shared with you the methods to make your very own Espresso Martini! As Covid19 has halted our services for the time being, I’m sure there are many of you just craving this delicious cocktail! Happy Saturday everyone! 🥳

The infamous Espresso Martini cocktail was created in the year of 1983, in a bar in Soho. The legendary Dick Bradsells received a special cocktail request, from a client that wanted something to “wake her up” So it was here, that the Espresso Martini was born!

Espresso Martini Recipe

You’ll need:

How to make Espresso Martini:

First things first. You need to make sure your martini coupe glass is chilled. Second, add all ingredients into a two part shaker and top up with lots of cubed ice and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds.

The creamy foam on top of the martini is the key to success! This also defines the final look of your cocktail.

Garnish with three coffee beans making sure they’re arranged in a petal formation floating.

This set up dates back to when, people would serve Sambuca back in Italy.  The three beans were called “Con La Mosca” which means “with the fly” this also represents health, happiness and prosperity.

If you’re planning a party and want some espresso martini’s then don’t hesitate and get in touch. With our experience and professionalism rest assure we will make sure your party will be a memorable one.

See also this Espresso Martini in slow motion here

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Espresso Martini Ingredients
Espresso Martini Ingredients

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