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Our cocktail classes offer you the opportunity to learn how to make cocktails in your own home.

Online Cocktail Making Classes

A cocktail is usually a mixed iced drink made with distilled liquor such as brandy, gin, rum, vodka, or whiskey. These are the base ingredients combined or mixed with other flavouring ingredients such as sugar or citrus juice, the modifiers, and water to get that perfect flavour. There are many types of cocktails that one can relish, such as Martini, Whiskey Highball, Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary, Sangria, Mojito, Flip and more.

The core is the main flavour, and each ingredient is added to the core to enhance the flavour of the core with sweetness or sourness. Seasoning is added to complement the core.

Cocktails were first made popular by the English sailors who saw that mixed drinks were blended with the root of the plant known as Cola de Gallo, which later came to be known as a cocktail. Cocktails are relished worldwide, and parties are incomplete without a cocktail drink.

Every component of a cocktail is like part of a machine. Each one has a role to play. So while making a cocktail drink, it is vital to understand which ingredient works with which component of the cocktail. Understanding the quantity and type of ingredient takes practice and time.

At Cocktails With Mario, you will learn how to make cocktails with our Online Cocktail Making Classes. Last week’s Espresso Martini recipe went down a treat. I got lots of good reviews about it! You may have noticed, were slightly later posting this week. I wanted to wait, as this recipe is a special one! It is my Signature Cocktail! It was only apt that I shared it with you, on my birthday! Mario’s Signature has been a firm favourite at our events.

So why not try it yourself at home!

What you would need for your online cocktail making?

To learn about cocktails, you need to experiment with the ingredients. Too many ingredients would make it a muddy soup, and fewer ingredients would make it bland. Also, the correct ingredient is required as one wrong ingredient would make it a deadly off-balance drink. One needs to add, subtract, test, combine, and mix to get that perfect combination of components.

The balancing act while making a cocktail is essential. We counteract the first dominant taste to give the cocktail a balanced flavour. If the dominant flavour is too sweet, we balance it by adding a bit of bitterness to it to make it more harmonious.
You can also balance the drink by diluting it with water. But before serving such a type of cocktail, it needs to be shaken to mix the ingredients properly.

Making a perfect cocktail is very easy. You won’t need any experience or prior knowledge to take this course. This course is simple and can be pursued by anyone. The online cocktail class is designed to benefit everyone regardless of their experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cocktail bartender, our classes are for all.

Our online cocktail making classes works with you and explain how you can cope with a situation such as the cocktail not tasting good. When we prepare the cocktails, we tell you all the details about the ingredients and their quantities. With every cocktail, we would send you a shopping list and the bar equipment you would need to make your favourite cocktails.

It would also be handy to have a Boston glass, strainer, muddler, bar and a bar spoon
before you begin the process of making cocktails.

Online Cocktail Making available for non-drinkers

Non-alcoholic cocktail Drinks are known as Mocktails. These party drinks are perfect for all occasions. Over the years, mocktails have become popular and are perfect for those who want to enjoy a handcrafted non-alcoholic drink.

It takes lots of practice to make mocktails as delicious as cocktails. As mocktails do not have alcohol, a lot of creativity is required to make a perfect mocktail; else, your drink would fall flat. Good quality mocktails are a perfect copy of cocktails. They use similar ingredients, with the exception of alcohol.

Carbonated water and lime are the first preference of the mixologist to prepare the finest mocktails. Mocktails are easy to make and make a perfect drink for the occasion.

The art of making cocktails can be pursued by non-drinkers too. Thus if you’re a non-drinker and still want to get involved in the cocktail making art, nothing to worry about as we are able to make non-alcoholic cocktails. It can also be a real treat for the kids.

Just because a Mocktail is non-alcoholic doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Whether it’s for your guests or yourself, it’s always a good idea to add some fun and exciting ingredients into the mix.

To enhance the flavour of the mocktail and make it as delicious as cocktails, you need to add liquor-free bubbles and flavour. Various types of herbs, spices and fruits can be used to recreate a non-alcoholic cocktail. You can mix and balance various juices and herbs to create that perfect blend.

If you want to enjoy the process of tasty cocktails or delightful mocktails, just check out our recipes and create one to impress your guests.

How does our online cocktail making class works?

Due to COVID 19, many teaching institutes and classes were closed. However, the internet proved to be a blessing in these horrific times. Like others, we decided to go online and reach out to you in an economical and efficient way. With all of our cocktail making classes, you would be able to see us online via the Zoom app or live on our social media pages.

Online classes are a blessing for the people who are staying far away, and it is difficult for them to commute to the destination. Our classes are specially designed to make them easier to follow. They are informative and great fun. The information provided in these classes is simple and easy to comprehend. We are budget-friendly and ensure that you are aware of each process.

During the class, you can raise questions if you have any doubts regarding the particular step or ingredient or cannot understand. Our dedicated teaching staff ensures that you get the most out of these online classes.

We will make the drinks systematically with you. We ask our students to do all the steps with us and try to get feedback immediately. We guide and help you make sure you’re happy while your drink is being created.

In our classes, we provide all the information such as which cocktail you would like to make, what are its ingredients and what equipment you need? Our online cocktail class sessions are designed as per your comfort, and the lessons include popular cocktails, which are not too difficult for you.

All our drinks can be easily made, and we have an alcohol-free option. So show your skills at hen parties, buck parties or any other event and impress your friends with your skill. We also provide full bar packages, which include portable cocktail bars and cocktail bar stations for parties and events.

The duration of our online cocktail making class

This simple, amazing and exciting online cocktail making course takes 60 minutes to complete. But we do increase the time as per students’ requirements. We understand that the cocktail making concept is new for you. Thus we go very slow when we teach you how to make a new drink. We ensure you have all the ingredients ready before starting our online sessions.

We love it when we see the bartenders playing with the bar equipment to make you a perfect drink. These moves and shakes are essential to get the precise blend of the components. Our online classes can also teach advanced moves for those who love to throw bottles and shakers in the air. Do not worry. With regular practice, your hands would move just like a professional bartender.

A few days before your session, we will provide you details, links and full instructions regarding the drink we will prepare with you. We also send you the virtual ID for the classes. You just have to join us through the link and enjoy.

We have successfully delivered a lot of online classes in the past few years. All our classes consist of students from different fields. You do not have to be well aware of the nitty-gritty of how to make a perfect cocktail.

To check the availability and time of the classes and other details you can contact our dedicated staff who would be pleased to answer all your queries.

Find us on social media to read our latest reviews and see our latest events @ Cocktails With Mario.

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If you want to know more about our online classes and our services and packages, you can contact us using our online form. Fill in the required details asked in the form, and one of our staff members will contact you soon.
You can reach us through our mobile number and email too. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites.

How Can You get Mobile Cocktail Making Classes in the UK?

You can join online classes easily via your computer or mobile phone. With the advancement in technology, you can access information and be a part of the event while on the move. If you have the proper link and user id, and password, you can access online classes anytime and anywhere.

To learn more about how to make mocktails and cocktails online, just reach out to Cocktails With Mario via online form, phone number or email.

Our dedicated staff will contact you and get you registered for the class. Just log in to our zoom class at the time given, using the id and password provided by us and viola; you are part of the class. You just need a mobile phone and a pair of headphones to listen to and view the classes in progress.

Our classes are fun and affordable. So what are you waiting for? Impress your friends and family with your cocktail making skills.

What are the benefits of Getting Mobile Cocktail Making Classes?

When you join Cocktails with Mario, you get to learn various cocktail and mocktail recipes. You also learn the art of serving these elite drinks. Some of the benefits of enrolling on mobile cocktail making classes are:

After taking a cocktail making class, when you would be putting your experience into use, you would be creating a super-tasty, balanced and technically-perfect drink. These drinks you would be able to dish out with super confidence and authority.

Many people are unaware of the ingredients involved in a cocktail. When you make and serve the cocktails, don’t forget to mention the ingredients to your guests. It would create an experience that is richer than the drink.

Once you have enthralled your audience with your skill, you can experiment using your ideas to create something different and unique that might become your signature drink.

You can attract people, make new friends, and display your talent. This art would enhance your resume too. While mixing the ingredients, do not hesitate to add a bit of creativity by playing with the bar equipment to serve a perfect drink. Just remember to practice the shakes and moves before showcasing them in front of your audience.

You would become aware of various facts related to the drinks, such as which food items the drinks should be served, how much quantity of each component is required to make a perfect drink and many more. You explore the relationship between the cuisines and cocktails.
Mobile cocktail making classes would help you learn new and innovative techniques that would enhance your personality and make you look like a culinary genius.

So after you learn the skill of making a perfect cocktail, organize a hen party or buck party and woo your partner and impress your friends with your unique skill.


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